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Management Systems

The Challenge

How does the organization implement EHS Management System concepts, while still meeting today’s day-to-day requirements?

What We Believe

Redefining your EHS Management System today is somewhat like trying to change race cars in the middle of the Indy 500. We don’t have the luxury of setting aside the “day-to-day” responsibilities while we design the future.

We believe:

  • the decision to pursue an improved EHS management system should be based on the assessment that more effective and efficient EHS performance will result
  • the need for certification to a particular management system (such as ISO 45000) should be a business and market-driven decision
  • the process should be a transition, with a starting point, an implementation plan and a clear goal
  • the process must involve appropriate management levels in goal development
  • the plan should be customized to the culture of the enterprise and reflect business objectives
  • the implementation should include the active involvement of all levels of the organization
  • integration of EHS responsibilities into all levels of the organization should be a primary goal

How We Can Help

  • Conduct a Safety and Environmental Management Systems Assessment (SEMSA)
    See our ASSE article for more information
  • Training – Customized to your needs to prepare staff for the requirements and purpose of management system implementation
  • EHS Aspects Development , including impact analysis and priority ranking using a “Risks and Opportunities” Matrix; development of Objectives and Targets (performed interactively with your facility Implementation Team)
What the heck is aMANAGEMENT SYSTEM?
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