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Compliance Assessment

The Challenge

How does the organization ensure that it is adequately managing compliance with EHS regulatory requirements?

What We Believe

We believe that the compliance assessment process will continue to be an important component of any EHS Management System. It simply needs to be refocused.

We believe:

  • Develop a “risk-based” approach to selecting the sites and frequency of compliance assessments
  • Use on-going assessments as a development tool for operations personnel (remove negative aspects of assessments from the process)
  • Shift the focus of assessment findings to examination of the management system root causes and development of corrective actions

How We Can Help

  • Design of assessment protocols customized to your goals and resources
  • Training internal EHS assessment staff (we have conducted over 25 EHS Audit Skills classes)
  • Serve as Audit Team member on in-house audit team
  • Independent EHS Assessments- We have developed and maintained an EHS Assessment database system for effective and efficient conduct of these activities. As needed, we employ regional professionals to be part of the assessment team
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