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Program Implementation

The Challenge

How does the organization manage dynamic requirements of on-going programs with a static staffing level?

What We Believe

Many organizations are faced with staffing levels which are not adequate to effectively execute all the EHS requirements all the time.

We believe that selective outsourcing can be an effective means of on-going program execution. It can enhance the capabilities of existing staff without the long-term expense of an additional hire.

How We Can Help

The assistance provided in this category of services can be highly varied- following are some examples of services provided to some of our client-partners.

  • EHS review of new processes and equipment
  • EHS Audit preparation/ pre-audit
  • Coordinate IH testing for special (usually unplanned) situations, using sub-contracted technician assistance
  • Coordinate the development of an air permit, using subcontracted air quality engineers experienced in the process
  • Develop emergency procedures for new process using a toxic chemical
  • Conduct detailed and independent investigation for major injury
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